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A lifestyle brand

About Gotta Live

Gotta Live is an apparel brand inspired by people who love the outdoors in the Florida sun. The phrase Gotta Live invokes the lifestyle and beliefs of our members – “life is not a dress rehearsal.” Together, we aim to be positive and upbeat as role models for our children, emanating a life of positivity, gratitude and happiness. The genesis of the brand began in a moment of clarity. On a late summer beautiful Sunday, while sitting on a sandbar watching our children play in the Florida sun and water, our group of friends looked to one another, smiled happily about the positivity of surrounding yourself with good people, clinked glasses with one another and chanted, “Gotta Live!” From that moment, the phrase has become synonymous with the lifestyle and invokes a passion and zest for life.

We make everyday count.

What makes Gotta Live different?

Our products are made for you – with you in mind. Unlike many of the other brands made by large companies, our products are not marketed towards a specific population or customer base. Rather, we seek to provide high end, quality clothing to every person and search for the best ways to manufacture and provide them to you. Although Gotta Live was inspired in a moment, it is a passion we relentlessly pursue by constantly looking for new and trendy products that are functional, good looking and stylish. Gotta Live apparel is made for all activities – swimming, boating, hiking, running, training, exercising, biking, SUP’ing – and trendy enough to wear out at night for dinner with friends, a barbecue or staring at the stars. The purpose of Gotta Live apparel is simple – enjoy life whatever you are doing.

Gotta Live is more than a product; it’s a lifestyle that far exceeds the boundaries of a sunshirt, boardshort or a sticker. At its core, it is a mantra we believe in. By displaying your Gotta Live merchandise, you are proclaiming your desire to live every day to exude positivity and happiness. Gotta Live brand is different from other brands because it inspires others to make life count.

What’s your passion?
Gotta Golf
Gotta Run
Gotta Boat
Gotta Lift
Gotta Tri
Gotta Swim
Gotta SUP
Gotta Bike


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